STI Staccato C

STI Staccato C Carry 9mm Pistol, new for 2020, is designed for comfortable concealed carry and reliable at-the-ready performance. This STI 9mm is built with an optics-ready DUOTM Carry Optic System that offers a stable platform for mounting DUO-compatible optics, like the SIG Romeo Zero or DUOTM Tactical. The Staccato C DUO comes mounted with a Dawson Precision Perfect Impact fiber optic front sight that delivers a clear point of aim. A 3.9-inch bull barrel offers consistent bullet spin and trajectory for reliable shot-to-shot power and accuracy.STI Staccato C

STI International Staccato-C

Everyone who knows anything about 1911-type pistols and competition knows STI Staccato C International. It makes high-capacity handguns for action-shooting events, right? Well, the company also makes flat, compact, everyday carry (EDC) pistols as well. Case in point: the STI Staccato C, a compact, single-stack 1911-type pistol chambered in 9 mm.

The slide-and-barrel fit is a bushingless design with a captured recoil-spring system, a design a lot more common in the 21st century than it had been earlier. This provides a dual-spring recoil system in the space available and consistently locks the barrel to the slide without the extra complexity that a bushing brings to the equation. Bushings in compact 1911s can be a real headache, and STI avoids that by using a bull-barrel design.



  • Includes three single stack officer magazines with base pads
  • 2011® single stack carry grip provides a comfortable, secure hold
  • 3.9-inch bull barrel delivers reliable shot-to-shot precision and power
  • DUOTM Carry Optic System offers stable mounting of DUO Tactical optics*
  • Dawson Precision Perfect Impact fiber optic front sight offers a clear point of aim


  • Model #: 10-801000-10
  • UPC: 816781016327
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel Length: 3.9 in.
  • Barrel Type: Bull barrel
  • Grip: 2011® single stack carry grip
  • Finish: Diamond-like carbon, Black
  • Trigger: 4 lbs w/ Ambi safety levers
  • Recoil System: 3.9 Recoil Master Light
  • Magazines: (3) Single stack officer with base pad
  • Frame: Lightweight alloy frame with accessory rail
  • Rear Sight: DUOTM Carry Optic System
  • Front Sight: Dawson Precision Perfect Impact fiber optic


  • *Optic not included


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