Walther PPK For Sale

Walther PPK For Sale handguns are a showcase of the company’s pioneering innovations in the firearms market.
Over 80 years ago, the PPK sparked a new subset of the firearms market that has since become ubiquitous: the concealed carry pistol.
Walther developed the PPK to provide undercover police officers with a practical and dependable alternative to pocket pistols and full-size military pistols.
It has a built-in chamber.
The PPK’s 380 ACP caliber gives it plenty of firepower for self-defense purposes without compromising on other important features.

Walther PPK Semi-Automatic Pistol 380 ACP 3.3" Barrel 6-Round Stainless Steel Black

Product Overview

To put this ground-breaking plan into action, the Police Pistol Kriminal integrated the best features of the most cutting-edge firearms technology of the day into a single, high-performing handgun.
Walther was the first to implement a safety that could be rotated down into a “safe” position, releasing the double-action/single-action trigger.

The PPK is one of the few firearms that has stood the test of time due to its innovative design.
The PPK remains one of the most popular pistols for concealed carry.
That Walther is still in such high demand is a tribute to the company’s unparalleled quality and performance over the years.
The PPK is an all-time classic because of its classic look and high-quality construction.


  • Double, Single action
  • Time tested design
  • Black, checkered grip


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