About Us

Our online weapons store is ready to offer you its services anytime. While we wait on you to decide to buy a gun/ammo online – we advice that regulations vary among states and countries, as such checking with your local laws is good. We have a wide variety of: machine guns, shotguns, airsoft and airguns, ammo, handguns, knives and swords, rifles, and more. Place your order, and give us the opportunity to advice or serve you in a way that suits your legal or non-legal wants.We ship all over the states, and customers sometimes do not require any paper work to get a firearm with us. We also provide discreet shipping. We take a wide variety of payment methods for clients who wish to keep their identity discreet.


Provide our customers with quality products at the best prices”We sell guns which have passed quality control tests and can ensure your defense.

Great Pricing

Our pricing is highly competitive. Most of the time, we can embarrass our local competitors on pricing, and we can compete all day with internet sites. Buying guns inexpensively is a science Alphix Firearms has mastered, allowing customers to get unbelievable deals.

Accessories and Ammunition

If it is gun-related, you can betAlphix Firearms sells it. Our gun shop stocks thousands of items, including optics, knives, cases, cleaning supplies, ammunition, a considerable array of AR-15 parts, and any possible gun-related item you may be needing. 

Alphix Firearms employs staff that is incredibly knowledgeable but has the touch to make people feel at home. Employees understand how so many gun stores treat customers poorly, make them feel stupid, or create an intimidating environment. 

Alphix Firearms excellent personnel know how to impart their expertise without being patronizing by welcoming the new shooter, folks seeking a lot of information, and anyone else put off by the typical gun store paradigm.

Alphix Firearms has one of the best gun selections. Whether a customer is looking for black rifles, hunting guns, shooting pistols, concealment handguns, cowboy revolvers, or any other sort of firearms, Alphix Firearms is the place with hundreds and hundreds of guns.

Need AR-15 parts? A person can build a whole rifle with our stock. Looking for accessories, grips, magazines, or other pieces? Alphix Firearms has thousands of items. Anything a shooter needs, Alphex Guns Center has, and if not, it can likely be ordered in almost overnight. 

Pricing: It’s what is on everyone’s mind. Alphix Firearms is aware that buyers have tons of choices when buying guns, including the internet. We decided long ago not to try to justify higher prices but instead learn to compete. Part of the Alphex Guns Center model has been evolving buying tactics and learning to keep pushing prices down. Sometimes other people have Alphix Firearms beat, but it’s rare, and in most cases, Alphix Firearms can match or get so close that the customer won’t mind.

We are grateful to our ever-growing number of loyal customers and welcome new friends and customers every day. We will promise you our very best attention and service at all times.

We also offer a free full lifetime service and repair warranty on all new products purchased from us.

We aim to keep the most comprehensive range of firearms, air rifles & pistols, ammunition, and accessories in stock. Still, we also recognize that we can’t physically keep every option for every available item on the shelf all the time. So, if you cannot find what you’re looking for, drop us a line at sales@alphixfirearms.com

Alphix Firearms has great quality firearms for hunting, home protection, self-defense, and target shooting.