Remington 209 Primers Kleanbore Muzzleloading Box of 100




                                        Remington 209 Primers

Every Remington primers is made up of a number of subcomponents that have been assembled to extremely tight tolerances. The dimensions of the primer cup are controlled to.0001″, and the priming mix has been specially formulated to provide consistent ignition with a wide variety of powder types and compositions.

Remington Primers # 209 Muzzleloading, 100 Count - SFRC

Remington 209 Primers are subjected to reliability testing at temperatures ranging from -20 degrees F to +150 degrees F. The unique tripod anvil design creates a larger strike area while maintaining maximum sensitivity, even when the firing pin strikes off center of the anvil.


Remington 209 Primers Muzzleloading Primers are designed to help you reduce chamber buildup in your black powder firearm. Kleanbore 209 primers, which are intended for use with black powder substitutes, provide more consistent and reliable ignition while allowing for 2 to 15 times the number of shots between cleanings.

  • Packed 100 Per Box
  • Remington Kleanbore 209 Muzzleloading Primers are designed for black powder substitutes

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The most environmentally friendly primer Remington has to offer! This specially formulated Remington® Kleanbore #209 Primers significantly reduces chamber buildup, allowing for more accurate bullet seating and easier bullet loading.

A cleaner bore allows you to shoot with greater accuracy and for longer periods of time between cleanings. Between swabs, Kleanbore allows you to take up to 20 shots. To be used in conjunction with black powder substitutes.


  • #209 primer is a fast-burning primer.
  • This product has been specially formulated to burn cleanly.
  • Bullet seating has become less difficult.
  • Increased precision.
  • Between cleanings, you can take up to 20 shots.

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Specific to black powder substitutes such as Pyrodex/Triple Seven, you can now get 2 to 15 times more shots between cleanings thanks to this new technology. Reduces chamber buildup significantly, allowing for easier bullet seating. There are 100 in each package.


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