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Lee Pro 100, automatically feeds rounds into the seating die’s mouth.
bullets are aligned more precisely than is possible by hand.
50 to 100% more cyclic rate is added.
Only the Pro 1000 and Load-Master Presses are intended for this design.

Feeder tube, Stand, Hardware, Feed die, and fingers are included in the kit for the specified caliber.

Notes: Lee Pro 1000

For one bullet diameter and length range, the kit is complete.

Choose the appropriate Feed Die, Fingers, Lee Pistol Bullet Seat, and Feed Die to change the caliber or bullet length (sold separately)

To seat bullets, a new seater die (shorter) is needed (not included)

For pre-1992 presses, a new shellplate carrier is necessary (Available only from Lee Precision)

Lee Pro 1000 Load-Master Progressive Press Bullet Feeder Kit 355 to


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