Cheddite Primers 209 (1000/box)




  • Cheddite Primers 209 (1000/box) Description

  • ‘Cheddite 209’ is a fantastic all-purpose 209 primer.
    Our ballistic testing results have been remarkably consistent.
    The only 209 primer that has a lacquer sealant applied to the top of the primer
  • – Standard U.S. size
  • – Box of 1000 or case of 5000.
  • Cheddite 209 Shotshell Primers (Box of 1,000) - Precision Reloading CHEDDITE 209 SHOTGUN PRIMERS PER 1000 - Accuracy Plus Cheddite - 209 Shotshell Primers

Cheddite primers provide a consistent powder ignition with the highest possible sensitivity. Cheddite has developed its dependable and powerful Clerinox primer to improve ballistic performance with the majority of powders currently available (US type). The regularity of Cheddite primers provides a reliable powder ignition at an optimal sensitivity, allowing your cartridges to perform up to your expectations while maintaining their reliability.

This regularity is achieved through stringent quality control of all components, including the anvil, chamber, cap, and mixture, as well as through continuous performance testing of the primer itself, which is combined with a specific reference cartridge loading for each cartridge. Mercuric compounds are not present in the explosive mixture because it is non-corrosive.

The term “Clerinox” is a trademark that is derived from the contraction of the words Clerieux (the location in France where the primer paint is derived) and “inox,” which is derived from the meaning “inoxadable=waterproof/stainless” (and by extension, non-corroding).

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