CCI 209M Primers Shotshell Magnum Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)




                                    CCI 209M Primers

CCI Primers are subjected to ongoing testing and improvement. Therefore, CCI primers today are more sensitive, easier to seat, and more compatible with both progressive and automated loading equipment than they were in previous generations. They make use of modern non-corrosive and non-mercuric initiator mixtures in order to achieve the cleanest possible burn.

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For any modern shell with a 209 primer pocket, CCI Shotshell Primers deliver consistent, clean burning performance. Primers in the 209 series are excellent for standard field and target loads, while primers in the 209M series are excellent for heavy waterfowl and turkey loads.

  • The 209 is designed to withstand standard field and target load conditions.
  • Reliable and environmentally friendly.
  • All modern shotshell cases are compatible with the 209 primer pocket.
  • The 209M shotshell primer is a true magnum shotshell primer designed for heavy waterfowl or turkey loads.


Type 209M
Caliber 209 Magnum
Bullet Style Buckshot
Package Quantity 100
Usage Reloading

CCI 209M Primers In Stock Shotshell Magnum Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)

We manufacture two different shotshell primers to meet your requirements. CCI 209 primers are designed for use with field and target loads in all gauges of ammunition. For heavy charges of slow-burning propellants, the CCI 209M is a true Magnum primer designed for use with the CCI 209M. As a result, the 209M is an excellent choice for waterfowl loads. Both make use of modern primer compounds that are non-corrosive and non-mercuric to ensure a clean and reliable ignition.

The CCI 209M Primer is a true Magnum Primer that is designed for heavy charges of slow-burning propellants, making it an excellent choice for heavy waterfowl and turkey loads, as well as other large game. These 209M Shotshell Primers are more sensitive, easier to seat, and more compatible with progressive and automatic loading equipment than any other shotshell primer on the market today.

The CCI 209M primers make use of modern, non-corrosive, and non-mercuric initiator mixtures to ensure a clean burn and complete ignition of the primer compound. These Magnum CCITM Primers are constantly being tested and meticulously improved for field and target loads in all gauges, and they are the best on the market. Primers are delivered in storage packets with counts ranging from 100 to 5000.

Designed for use with waterfowl and heavy field loads, these CCI Shotshell Primers No. 209M are true Magnum shotshell primers.

These primers are the “bread and butter” of reloading, as they are the primers that are most frequently used in reloading recipes. CCI standard primers are exceptionally clean-burning, resulting in cleaner primer pockets and a longer period of time between pocket cleaning sessions. That is a significant advantage for progressive reloaders. In comparison to older CCI primers, they are more sensitive and easier to seat, and they are designed to feed smoothly through automated equipment.

  • Clean-burning and dependable ignition are important characteristics.
  • Waterfowl and turkey flocks in large numbers.
  • There are 100 per box.

Our customers are located all over the country and are subject to a slew of federal, state, county, city, and municipal regulations that govern the sale of these types of products. Please review the applicable laws and regulations in your area regarding this product and its use.


  • Model: 0009
  • Primer: #209M
  • Types: Shotshell
  • Quantity: 100 per pack

An excellent general-purpose primer that can be used for the majority of field loads. Cases for current Winchester, Remington, Peters, and Federal shotshells are available here. Also compatible with Knight Discs.


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