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Accurate Powders is a company that definitely lives up to its name. The complete line of smokeless powders for handguns, rifles, and shotguns is engineered and lab-tested to maximize the precision and performance. Accurate uses the best ballistic technicians and the highest quality components together to assure that every gun is better served with Accurate Powders.

Accurate No. 7 Smokeless Gun Powder 1 lb Accurate No. 7 Smokeless Powder (8 lb.) - Precision Reloading Accurate No. 7 Smokeless Powder | Powder Valley

Accurate No 7 Powder in stock now for sale is a double base, ball propellant originally developed for high intensity cartridges. Originally introduced to reloaders in 1983, Accurate No 7 Powder has become a popular powder for IPSC shooters. Accurate No 7 Powder is also a good choice for magnum handgun cartridges when slightly less than full power loads are preferred. No. 7 is an excellent choice for high performance semi-auto handguns such as the 357 Sig, 38 Super, and 40 S&W. No. 7 is also a cost effective solution in larger magnum handgun calibers.

Warnings from the Manufacturer:

  • Do not exceed the loads displayed in the reloaders guide.
  • Never mix any two powders regardless of type, brand, or source.
  • Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder or any Black Powder substitute.

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8 Pound, 1 Pound


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