DFA Modified Cycle System (MCS) RIFLE CALIBER with Right Side Folding Stock – Adaptor GEN 2



For the serious hunter or shooter who loves the stopping power of their AR-15 .223 or 5.56 NATO caliber firearm, comes a feature that’s just hard not to notice. Think of the times you’ve been on that four-day hunting/camping trip and the number of times you’ve needed to bug out to a different location. After stuffing your MOLLE gear with everything (don’t forget the kitchen sink) you heft your rifle and shoulder it using a makeshift strap and get ready to roll.

As a proficient hunter you know better than to secure your AR-15 in your MOLLE because several times you’ve walked up on the very game you’re looking for and it takes far too much time to free your rifle, acquire the target and get off a shot. The folks at Dead Foot Arms know that feeling of disappointment and frustration very well. So much so, they created a patented MCS or modified cycle system with a Gen 2 folding stock adapter that includes everything needed for fire when folded compatibility on your AR-15.

MCS kit: Bolt Carrier Group (1), Buffer Spring and Recoil Spring (1 Ea.), Plunger (1), Buffer Tube (1), with Guide Rod and End Cap, Folding Block Assembly (1)
Designed For: AR-15 Platform Rifle/Carbine

Think about it, the ability to convert your AR-15 to be able to fire when folded. From semi-auto rifle to semi-auto machine pistol and then back to semi-auto AR-15. How sweet is that?

Three things immediately spring to mind. First, you now can fold up your firearm and stow it in your MOLLE gear. This is particularly important because it frees your hands and eliminates the possibility of your rifle slipping from your shoulder as you scale terrain or trees.

Second, if you have the need, thanks to the game you’ve been hunting suddenly deciding to show up, the ability to fire your AR-15 in a folded position eliminates precious seconds wasted. And third, being able to fold your AR-15 means it takes up less space which is important when you think about all the things you usually need to take when you head out on one these marathon hunting trips.